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Zadok Ministries is actively engaged in a variety of projects around the world. With a mandate to reach every nation, we train and equip leaders to train and equip other leaders. ZMI is made up of people like you, partnering with us in prayer, active participation and support of this ministry. ZMI follows the example of the Church at Antioch, setting apart Barnabas and Paul for ministry to other lands (Acts 13:1-3

A B O U T   U S


Restoring, Realigning, Releasing
ZMI provides leadership training to ministers to assist in establishing and strengthening churches in areas of the world where there is a lack of formal education and structure. To accomplish this, ZMI mobilizez leaders and other believers to serve in short-term mission projects, meeting the physical and emotional needs of persons in distress, demonstrating the message of God’s love as we alleviate human suffering and offer salvation through Jesus Christ



 North America

 South America




  • Leadership Training

  • Church Planting & Evangelism

  • Theological Education

  • Relief & Development Projects

  • Medical Ministries

  • Offering aid for at-risk Women & Children


Pastor Lovelace St. John is an internationally recognized leader, dynamic teacher, father figure and mentor. He has a passion for loving God’s people, shepherding other pastors and laity and ministering God's Word with simplicity and power. His down-to-earth personality and extraordinary compassionate approach truly sets him apart in bringing healing and restoration to many.

Pastor St. John has a long history of dedicated service to God's people. He is the founder and senior Pastor of Progress Church in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; a spirit-filled, Bible-believing church with a mission to minister healing, hope, inspiration, excellence and restoration to the local community. He is also the founder and President of Zadok Ministries International; a leadership training and ministry development organization with a mission to Restore, Realign, and Release Kingdom Sons. This Ministry continues to impact many lives each year through trainings, practical resources, support and empowerment meetings which serves to strengthened churches both locally and in the developing nations of the world.

Pastor St. John holds a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministry and a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. He serves as an Elder in the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies in Canada. Loved by his family, friends and congregation, Pastor St. John continues in humility to accept the call of God for his life and is driven to reach the world through teaching and preaching the Word of God.


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