As a partner of Zadok Ministries International, you are joining a powerful network of pastors and leaders around the world who have determined to reach their purpose and destiny in Christ. Our members benefit from being interconnected with a diverse range of leaders building the Kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit. You’ll also receive training materials to equip you to fulfill your God-given mandate to reach the world.


As your partner in ZMI, we promise:

  • To covenant with you in our hearts

  • To pray regularly for you and your ministry

  • To pray for you and your family members (please provide us with their names)

  • To promote, encourage & facilitate opportunities for fellowship with those of like mind and spirit

  • To make ourselves available to you for prayer and Biblical counsel

  • To make ourselves available to you, your ministry and/or church for fellowship and ministry

  • To provide training and resources for the betterment of your destiny and to accomplish your purpose

  • Never to abandon you, even in your most difficult circumstances and situations

  • To walk with you in every aspect of your spiritual and natural development

  • To build a solid relationship with you for the purpose of helping you succeed in ministry and in life

As a ZMI partner, you promise:

  • To covenant with us in your hearts

  • To pray for the leadership of ZMI

  • To attend special functions and gatherings, especially those in your area

  • To support the ministry of ZMI as directed by the Lord


1. Zadok Ministries International Curacao

2. THE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES CENTER, Antigua & Barbuda - https://www.facebook.com/bishopcharlesworth.browne?fref=ts

3. Prayer House Of Faith St John’s USVI - 

4. Toronto Gospel Lighthouse 17 Rhodes Ave Toronto, ON  http://tglchurch.org/

5. Doxa Pentecostal Tabernacle Ajax ON 

6. Spirit Renewal Ministries Kingston ON - http://www.spiritrenewalministries.com/

7. Ekklesia Kingdom Ministries Toronto ON - http://www.ekmonline.ca/

8. The Passion Church Toronto ON - http://www.thepassionchurch.com/

9. Victory House Christian Church Whitby ON - http://victoryhouse.ca/main/

10. Acts world outreach church Toronto ON - https://www.facebook.com/ActsWorldOutreachChurch/

11. R J McEwan Ministries Ottawa ON - http://mcewanministries.ca/

12. Word In Action Ministries Halifax Nova Scotia - https://www.facebook.com/Word-In-Action-Ministries-Int-166022210075151/

13. Restoration Global Ministries Marigot Dominica - https://www.facebook.com/restorationglobal/

14. Hope International Ministries Bronx New York USA - http://hopeintlministries.com/

15. Lighthouse Christian Centre Ottawa ON - http://lighthousechristiancentre.org/

16. Shiloh Deliverance Church International  Detroit Michigan USA - http://www.shilohdeliverancechurch.org/

17. Progress Church Toronto ON - http://www.progresschurch.ca/

18. Kingdom Dynamic Faith Ministries  - Ghana Africa - https://www.facebook.com/Kingdom-Dynamic-Faith-Ministries-KIDYFIM-House-1494776284132431/